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Superior Office Staff can help organizations of any size with their advanced document production requirements. The topics below address some ways I can help your organization.

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A persuasive and compelling argument is necessary to demonstrate why your business is the best choice for a potential or existing client’s project. The first part of my work will be to showcase the unique capabilities of your business and their value to company.

With the Business Proposal Writing service, you can expect a well-researched and customized proposal that not only highlights your organization’s unique capabilities, services, and experience, but also links them to the client’s needs.

Utilizing all the tools necessary to optimally convey your bid, the proposal will be visually appealing, engaging, clear, and concise. Because I am skilled with a variety of software packages, I am also able to develop spreadsheet models also. This will reduce the burden your team faces while preparing the proposal. With graphics, charts, photographs, and tables your proposal will communicate a well-developed concept fully and clearly.

Contact Superior Office Staff to discuss its Business Proposal writing service. A free 30-minute consultation is sufficient to determine if I am the right fit for your next project.

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Request for Proposals

Do you need to issue a Request for Proposals (RFP)? Superior Office Staff can create an RFP that conveys the need you’ve identified, criteria a solution must meet, and any specifications to assist the businesses that will respond to your RFP.

Let your subject matter experts develop the concepts, requirements, and specifications. I will convert their work products into clear, concise language. If your company employs draftsmen and/or graphic artists, their work products can be included in the RFP.

Many companies employ administrative support personnel that lack any technical background and don’t possess advanced software skills. This tends to hinder the RFP production effort.

With Superior Office Staff, you can expect:

  • Consultations with your team to ensure that a full understanding of critical objectives is attained (see How It Works on the home page).
  • A clear yet comprehensive presentation of your requirements that is also visually appealing. A well formatted layout enhances comprehension.
  • My expertise assures you that the completed RFP is easily edited, thereby promoting rapid revision. This is one of the many benefits of using a consultant with advanced office software skills. 

Let Superior Office Staff develop your next RFP!

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End-User Documentation

As a former consulting database programmer/analyst, I've had to write user guides for the systems I developed. Experience and training have taught me that end-user documentation:

  • Acts as a guide for new users and technical support
  • Is a means for experienced users to learn more advanced features
  • Reduces support costs
  • Enhances company image. End-user satisfaction shows customers that your company is concerned about them. High customer satisfaction drives sales.

Documentation tailored to meet the specific needs of your user-community is the only way to maximize user effectiveness and productivity. To write user-friendly documentation, the user guides I develop:

  • Contain explanatory background information
  • Have problem/solution text as part of the background information
  • Have annotated screen captures, and / or 
  • Annotated product photographs 
  • Contain bulleted and/or enumerated instructions
  • Have an index to enhance the problem/solution focus
  • Have a table of contents and index that link back to content.

If time and budget permit, I also develop and utilize sample data. 

Finally, the guide is delivered as a PDF. This is because help systems that are integrated into your software usually take over the screen rendering the actual program inaccessible. When delivered as a PDF, users can switch between the program and the user guide or split screen the two and work while following along the user guide.

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Personalized Communications

Personalized communication was termed mail merge marketing in the past. It was commonly used to generate donor appeals because of its efficiencies. But this gave it a reputation as inappropriate for sensitive applications. Yet, personalized communication can be used in a wide variety of other applications. You could use it to:

  • Introduce your company and/or a service to existing and prospective clients in a sense that is not “commercial;”
  • Update your clients on changes to a sensitive policy;
  • Generate monthly updates on the status of client portfolios;
  • Generate invoicing;
  • Update insurance agents or sales representatives of changes in their territories with specificity.

If any of the above interest you, please contact me so we can discuss your project requirements.

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Special Projects

If your documentation requirement defies categorization, please contact Superior Office Staff so we can discuss your project.

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