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After working in industries as diverse as defense, public utilities, real estate finance, and housing construction, I understand that developing your important business documents, especially under a deadline, can challenge your organization. As a former database programmer / analyst and technical writer who is a Microsoft-certified expert with Microsoft 365, I have successfully taken many projects from concept to completion.

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Previous Work

  • Proposals
  • End-User Documentation
  • Personalized Communications
  • Special Projects

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Superior Office Staff

How it works

The flow chart below is based on my experiences documenting the applications I have developed. I emphasize planning in order to minimize re-work. Note that Steps 4 through 6 are iterative. 

Step 1

Schedule a consultation

Together, we'll determine if Superior Office Staff is a good fit for your project.

Step 2

Develop and Execute Agreement

A neccessary part of any project. Developed collaboratively.

Step 3

Develop the Project Workflow

See About | Workflow for more information.

Step 4

Interview & Research

For each phase of the project, I will interview your SMEs and others and examine pertinent resources.

Step 5


I will originate or edit content for each phase.

Step 6


During a group edit, team members discuss change requests. I then edit the document and we proceed to the next stage.

Step 7


Once the document is complete, it is delivered to the appropriate stakeholder.

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